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The Proximan Extinction

The Proximans – the original people of Ibelis – had a very objective, universal view of the galaxy. They were psionically advanced, and sought to unify their entire species on Ibelis as a single and powerful mind, able to form the entire planet into a utopia, acheive ultimate transcendence, and spread peace throughout the galaxy to other life forms. Every Proximan would have the combined psionic strength of all Proximans in existence, making them in essence a race of gods.

There was much discussion – such a transcendence should be taken carefully, as giving any individual being such power, part of a whole or not, could be disastrous if one thing went wrong. But, they came to the conclusion that through such a connection, each individual would also have to have the approval of the entire species before carrying out any psionic act of great power.

And so it was agreed. Every Proximan would be given a cerebral implant and one very large machine would unify every Proximan with a connector device – acting as a collective mother brain for the entire species. A very small number of Proximans refused the implants and were against the Mainframe Mind concept, believing that there would be disastrous consequences. Their opinions were respected, but ignored, and ultimately resulted in the outcast of the few.

Some of these few outcast Proximans fled to the moons, observing at a distance.

All of the implanted Proximans on Ibelis gathered around their great Universal Mind Mainframe machine in anticipation of its activation and their following transcendence. The machine was activated. The system captured the combined knowledge of the entire race into a psionic container called The Blink. For a few glorious minutes, all of the Proximans on Ibelis with their UMM implants experienced transcendence like no other, an orginization as an entire species into one organism, sharing the power of The Blink.

Or so it is believed. None remain to account for the experience.

The UMM malfunctioned, exploding. It is believed that a single member had second thoughts about the procedure at the wrong time. The explosion alone killed many Proximans, but that wasn’t the worst of it. A massive psionic blast ruptured from the fallen machines. The small group of Proximans on the moon watched in horror and dismay as their entire civilization and a few other sapient species on Ibelis were killed by the psionic shockwave.

And so it was realized the potential evil behind The Blink, and so it was deemed that it should be used very sparingly, to prevent such an occasion as The Incident from ever occurring again. The observing Proximans hid The Blink deep within the depths of the ocean so the combined Proximan knowledge of the universe would not find its way into the hands of young and irresponsible races.



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