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Press release: Xenocell – Indie sandbox MMO game looking for launch funding

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After over four years of working on a new kind of action-strategy game, Hungarian developer Bitgap Games is looking for help to launch their persistent virtual sandbox title with the help of the global crowd-funding platform, IndieGoGo.

“Xenocell is the game we always wanted to play. It’s a vehicular action-strategy title with mild RPG elements.” – says Konrad Kiss, a co-founder of Bitgap and the lead developer on the project. “We are very close to launching the game, but without initial financial help, we are not able to fire up enough servers to get started.”

Undoubtedly, crowd-funding platforms such as the most prominent Kickstarter, and the global leader IndieGoGo have helped many small, independent projects see the day of light. By promising pledges, contributors help interesting ideas get funded and receive valuable perks related to the subject in return.

“We have a terrific game on our hands with a unique, new kind of game play that is very hard to fit into any of the existing genres.” – says Kiss. “Online, persistent, massively multiplayer sandbox action-strategy always earns us a smile!” – he laughs.

Bitgap is hoping to launch Xenocell in the coming months if they manage to get funded by mid-November.

For more information on Bitgap Games’ Xenocell, visit the funding campaign page at http://www.indiegogo.com/xenocell¬†or the game website at http://www.xenocell.com.



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