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Kickstarter campaign on IndieGoGo imminent

Yes! Progress! But first: I was told that I’ve been really bad at writing updates, and that is true. It is something that I will change right now. I would also like to emphasize that the game’s been in development all the way – with much enthusiasm and dedication! I just didn’t say a word. Sorry about that. Currently I am working on the first promotional & gameplay video that we’ll be using to ask players to help us kickstart the game. There’s also a bit of a tease about strategic player buildings in this post.

Ok, so we’re getting ready to raise some money to be able to finish some remaining polish work and pay for some of the server costs during the initial weeks after launch. This is truly meant to kickstart the game literally. We have a working game that needs a little polish and help with operating costs, so we’ll need to do that. I’m not a famous designer, so anything as vague as “old school rpg” won’t cut it. We’re really close now, we just need a nudge.

We’ll be doing the campaign on IndieGoGo, because Bitgap Games is an LLC incorporated in Hungary, and none of us are US or UK citizens, so Kickstarter doesn’t work for us. This will probably show in the newsworthiness of the campaign, so we’re crossing fingers.

I will soon have the promo video ready. I’ll post it here before the campaign launches. Until then, here’s a cheat sheet of some player constructable buildings (amongs many other objects) that have a┬ástrategic advantage.


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